Two Advice for Career and Life

Different Knowledge base and skill sets are required to perform different tasks and to pursue different careers. But positive attitude and certain values are important for all jobs and careers. If a person practices certain values then he /she may not reach the top of the ladder of career but will have inner peace and get respect from colleagues and people.

I had noted two advice – one from RD Tata and another from Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in my diary which I think are relevant even today for career and life. I do practice these two advice.

I. “You will find in your path many pitfalls and temptations which you will have to shun and jump over, through great difficulties. If you always keep before your eyes truth and honesty whatever happens, you will come out safe – at least you will never be discredited or dishonoured”.

II. “Do not try to obtain favours but rely on your own efforts. Every favour is limited in nature. It has no unlimited scope. But when you try to unfold your potential that is like embarking upon a journey that is limitless. Favour may give you temporary relief but hard work is the only ways to achieve great success. All super achievements were born out of hard work rather than favour”

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